Selecting The Best Jewellery When You Have Short Hair

The Best Types Of Jewellery To Wear With Short Hair

For some women, having short hair is ideal, and it can help accentuate their facial features, and their hair takes a lot less maintenance than when it is long. Short hairstyles are popular with women worldwide. When a woman has short hair and wears jewellery, she will want to select what she wears carefully. Choosing the correct type of jewellery for your facial features and hair can help make your outfit pop and increase your confidence levels, and below are some ideas to help you get started.


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Having the perfect set of earrings for any occasion is something that many women aspire to, and if you are searching for the perfect pair and cannot find them, you can consider a bespoke set of earrings. When it comes to custom jewellery, London has one of the best jewellers in Mayfair area you can go to, and the cost of custom-made jewellery can be surprisingly affordable. You will want to ensure that you select the correct style of earrings when you have short hair, which means you will not want anything too big or dangling low from your ears. An excellent choice is simple stud earrings which you can wear, and these can be plain or with gemstones. You can also choose smaller hoop earrings that will suit whatever you are wearing, and multiple piercings are a good look when you have short hair.

The Neckline

You will also want to put a lot of consideration into the necklaces you wear when you have short hair. The simpler, the better. You will not want anything that detracts away from your face, which lavish jewellery can do, so you will want to try and wear something understated yet beautiful. A simple choker chain is an excellent idea, or a small pendant or locket can also be worn well when you have short hair. When choosing your jewellery to wear when you have short hair, one crucial factor is not to over accessorise and wear too much jewellery. Try keeping it simple and not too flashy, and the overall look you achieve will be much better.

Rings & Bracelets

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Although your hands do not frame your face, you will still want to ensure that the rings and bracelets you wear match the earrings and necklace you will wear. You can choose to wear a matching set if you have them, or you can also choose something that is simple and does not look too flashy. When you do this, it will help to draw the observer’s attention to your face, which you have framed with a beautiful pair of earrings and an elegant necklace. Sometimes less is more, and when you have short hair, you will want to expose and accentuate your facial features to make your outfit pop and give you the confidence you get when you look and feel fantastic.

These are a few tips on the jewellery you should wear when you have short hair, but there is plenty more advice available online. You can click here and get some excellent earrings advice from Vogue to help you design your outfit and style for that special occasion.