You Are Gold! A Simple Introduction to This Precious Metal

Gold has been a major part of the world’s history and culture. It has been mentioned in the bible and written about in children’s fables. Gold has also been known as the reason for the impairment of some people’s virtues and morals. In major competitions, the winner is given a gold medal. Archaeological diggings have produced artifacts made of gold – artifacts that have a lot to say about the areas’ heritage and culture.

Nowadays, gold is identified closely with jewelry. It could be a piece of fine jewelry on its own. Gold is yellow in color. But jewelers have already found a way to produce colored gold to make better designs. Needless to say, pure 100 % gold is 24 karats while colored gold is less than this, usually 18 karats or less. Gold could be also be used as the base to set precious and non-precious stones, just like the canvas to a painter.

Jewelry is generally associated with women. Nevertheless, men wear jewelry too, albeit simpler in design. It is used as adornment to enhance the beauty or the status of the wearer. Expensive jewelry is a symbol of great wealth. It also symbolizes the personal status of the wearer, as in an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Jewelry is also used to complete and complement an outfit. A real gentleman would use a gold, bejeweled cufflink to secure his French button cuffs shirt. On formal occasions, a lady would carefully choose her precious stones laid on yellow or white gold to satisfy her sartorial taste.

Gold has been here for centuries and will still stay for centuries more. It will always be a fashion status, a precious keepsake and an all-important trade commodity that’s here to stay.