What Do Diamonds Symbolise

What Exactly Do Diamonds Symbolise?

Diamonds take literally millions of years to produce, and they have always been treasured by the rich and wealthy. Thanks to some clever marketing in the 1940s by De Beers, diamonds have become a lot more than a girl’s best friend. If we look back at history, we see that precious stones were viewed as symbols of power and authority. Often seen worn on the head of a monarch and due to their rarity, diamonds have become very valuable. These unique stones invoke different emotions in people all over the world so in this article, we will examine these in some detail.

Eternal Love

The Hollywood era in the forties and fifties began the long love affair with romance and diamonds that is still burning brightly today. If you are planning to drop down on one knee in 2021, there are pink diamonds for sale in Australia from a leading custom jeweller who can acquire loose Argyle pink diamonds at trade prices. Pink stones have become the most popular among romantics and there isn’t a girl alive who wouldn’t love a pink diamond engagement ring. The eternal aspect is that diamonds are eternal and took millions of years to create, under very special circumstances, which is why they are so rare. You are telling your fiancée that your love is eternal when you present a diamond ring. We have the movie industry and celebrities to thank for this association, with a main theme of diamonds in the love section.


Perhaps the most obvious symbolisation of diamonds is the cost and like it or not, a woman dripping in diamonds certainly raises an eyebrow or two. While the majority of wealthy people are more discreet, there are some that have so much money, they indulge in the high price tag diamonds, solely to impress. Of course, there’s always an element of risk when wearing million-dollar jewellery and some billionaires have copies created and wear them to events.

Longevity in a Relationship

When a couple have been together 50 years, what better gift than diamonds, as they represent longevity, as do other precious stones. It is a nice feeling to know that the diamond in your ring will still be around millions of years from now and with a score of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds symbolise durability and longevity.

There’s simply no better way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage than a diamond engagement ring. You can have the ring designed and crafted by an expert custom jeweller, which will be truly unique and the only one of its kind. She might have a favourite colour, which is a great starting point and knowing her as you do, choosing the right design won’t be an issue.