Emeralds’ Time To Shine – The Third Amazing Alternative To An Engagement Ring

It’s time for emeralds to shine! And just so you know, emeralds are just as precious and beautiful as rubies and sapphires. If you are into the green hue of gems then emeralds should be your prioritised option. Diamonds are usually the number one pick because they shine the brightest and they last forever. But they only really come in one colour and that’s white, unless you got some extra cash prepared so you can afford the very expensive pink diamonds or the blue diamonds. Most of us aren’t, you know, billionaires? So let’s stick to gems that have variety, meaning and beauty. Like emeralds.


Diamonds may come in different shapes and sizes but we all know that they’re the same. Same colour, same meaning, sometimes same cut and same prices. Gems don’t have to be so monotone and boring like that. They come in different shapes and sizes, different colours and meanings and different prices. Prices of which are significantly a LOT lower than a standard diamond.

Stop the glamorisation of diamonds

They aren’t bad, per se. I mean they ARE known to be the strongest stone in the world and for good reason. But the thing is, they are SO popular that they’ve stopped being interesting for a long time. At least to some of us (to me especially). There isn’t really anything wrong with glamorising diamonds. They deserve the clout, you know? But they’re so… common. Which is weird because aren’t they the most expensive? That’s two strikes already for you, diamonds. When wanting to be engaged to someone you love via a very special ring, we would want that ring to be unique and special, yes? This is why it’s a lot better to get other gems and I highly recommend emeralds. Mostly because a lot of couples have already chosen rubies and sapphires. Emeralds hold a certain beauty to them simple because of the hue and colour. Don’t pass it up.

The different colours and the meanings

The other thing that makes emerald a good option for engagement ring centres is its meanings. Just like with flowers, gems have different sorts of hidden meanings. Emeralds happen to stand for successful love. And if that doesn’t do it for you then I don’t know what will. The fact the emeralds are for successful love only cements its value on being the centre to an engagement ring. Marriage is all about love (at least I certainly hope it is) and unity so wouldn’t you want a ring that symbolises that as well? Love is everywhere but rarely is it true and successful. We get flimsy love the majority of the time that we start to believe that it might just not exist in general, even with all the weddings we get to see. Emeralds are what I call hope. At least when I’m talking about love.