Why Jewellery Sales People Need CRM

The reasons the jewellery businesses need a CRM software are plentiful, but perhaps the most important is that it increases customer satisfaction levels.

Salespeople in the jewellery business often view CRM as just another piece of technology, as if it’s another more complex tool in the business that keeps track of work and helps the bosses keeping track of employee performance. However, it’s also the time spent entering information into the CRM software that adds a certain amount of frustration to your workday.

When you start getting annoyed with all the time that goes into setting up, updating and then managing your CRM system, you tend to become more frustrated with your workday. This leads to less productivity and less profits for your company.

What Exactly Is CRM?

So what does CRM mean anyway? CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. In other words, CRM is the process of keeping an organised record of the relationships that you have with your customers, which will help you better understand and respond to their needs and wants. Lucky for you, there are developers at Clockers who can customise a CRM software to best serve the exact needs of your business.

The concept behind CRM is simple: by using the power of the Internet to track the relationships you have with your customers, you can identify potential problems before they become too big of a problem. The solution is to use your CRM software to analyse the relationships that you have with customers, and then resolve any issues that might be related to that customer. If an issue is determined to be related to a previous customer, then a simple update to the software is enough to resolve that problem without having to contact the customer directly.

Tracking Customers

But CRM isn’t solely about analysing customer relations; it’s also about automating the process of tracking them. This allows your staff to spend more time focusing on your core business functions instead of having to manually enter into and update the software each time they get a new client.

CRM Software Helps Jewellers Keep Customers

Image Source: Unsplash

The reasons jewellery salespeople need CRM software is actually pretty obvious when you break them down. Aside from being able to help a customer decide between a gold and a sterling ring for his beloved, the dealings with that client don’t stop there. Good jewellery salespeople would aim to keep that customer, thus it is important that they are able to gain that customer’s trust.

Jewellery salespeople don’t want to lose their customers, while they work on different ways to attract buyers. And they don’t want to have to spend hours entering information into a complicated CRM system in order to keep track of what each customer is purchasing. With a CRM software, you can eliminate the time-consuming manual entry and use a highly advanced data recording software, and then run reports and even use it to determine trends over time, allowing you to make quick changes to your marketing plans to keep your customers happy.