Engagement Ring Settings That Are Hot This 2020

The Four Engagement Ring Settings To Watch Out For This 2020

Are you planning to propose to your loved one this year? Ever wondered are the most popular engagement ring setting this 2020?

Albeit the pandemic that has put a lot of plans and lots of activities at a standstill, there are still some really exciting things to look forward to. For example, if you are reading this article, then you probably are preparing to pop the question to the one who’s filled your heart with so much joy and love. 

So, for inspiration, if you have been looking for a way to find out which ring setting has been in demand this year, then make sure you pay close attention today so you do not miss out on any news. You may check out your social media newsfeed for some engagement updates, which are still quite flourishing despite the circumstance, and see what ring styles have made it to the ring fingers of most bride-to-be’s. If you haven’t got the time for that, don’t fret; we’ve listed here the go-to ring settings.

The Diamond Solitaire

Future grooms such as yourself should know that the traditional diamond solitaire remains to be a favourite even among modern brides. You will still see much of this traditional look that puts the lone diamond in the spotlight, with no accent stones, no side stones. There is something about a ring that has a large, bright stone in the centre that will make any bride gasp in pleasant surprise.

The Bar

Another popular ring setting is the bar. Quite similar to a standard gold ring but it doesn’t contain as much precious metal, as small precious stones put side by side take most of the space. The bar setting puts a thin metal between each stone, holding them securely in place. With its modern and practical look, this setting is here to stay.

The Channel

A setting that looks similar with the bar, you get to see the stones lined together at the side of the ring. Unlike the bar setting, though, the channel puts the stones directly side by side, without any metal division at all in between, so that the small diamonds are more prominent compared to the ones in the bar setting. 

The Halo

The halo setting has been shown with lots of uniquely contemporary designs. The setting has one big stone at the centre of a clean and narrow band of precious metal, usually white gold or platinum. You can find one with a big, round, colourless diamond on the centre, circled with smaller pave stones. There are lots of modern twists you can easily incorporate into this classic setting (almost as classic as the solitaire), which makes it popular to this day. Check out the selection of halo engagement rings designed by your favourite jeweller.

Above are just some of the many ring settings you can use for your engagement ring. Aside from the setting, there are still other things to consider, such as the precious metals and the precious stones you can use, along with the many different colours and patterns available. With a bit of a research online, along with the knowledge of what your future wife’s style is, you will soon come up with the perfect ring.

No matter how many years would pass, the diamond ring will continue to be among the most sought after items for marriage proposals. The timelessness of the diamond makes it ideal to use in expressing your unending love and devotion to the woman you promise to spend the rest of your life with.