Ruby – The Best Engagement Ring Gem Alternative

Rubies are belong in the “precious gem” category, right next to diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. They are really expensive and really hardy. The best part is that they are of the colour of love, which makes them an easier pick for those who want to get married.

It’s especially getting more popular to get rubies for engagement rings these days, since everyone has been getting different stones for them instead of the usual diamonds. It’s the same as using rose gold as a metal band instead of the usual yellow gold for when you get the wedding bands. If you com bine those two together, you get a combination that is all passion and love, since both have the colours pink and red.

Symbolism and Colour

Like sapphire, rubies are constructed from diamond. Rubies only are available in one shade– red. Pinkish or light red rubies are named pink sapphire and also corundum of any type of various other shade would be called a sapphire. Consequently, rubies are known for their single shade. Red signifies our strongest feelings including desire, love and passion. The ruby, as the most prominent gemstone throughout history, has actually constantly been connected to these feelings and has become viewed as an icon of passion and love. Its meaning is optimal for an engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Durability

One of the most vital factors is that rubies have exceptional longevity. Gems durability is exceptionally vital for engagement rings. This piece of jewelry will need to last the test of time and also exposure as you will certainly be wearing it- hopefully- every day for the rest of your life. Ranking 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies are 2nd in hardness just to diamonds as well as have outstanding wearability. In addition, rubies are incredibly tough (surprisingly more than diamonds) and consist of no cleavage, indicating that they are not prone to breaking or damaging. They can be set in nearly all engagement ring settings.


Currently, rubies are the most beneficial gemstone due to their high demand and rarity. One of the most pricey tinted gems sold at auction was the Sunrise Ruby, a magnificent gem that broke records when it sold for over 30 million bucks. The value of rubies keep boosting as even more individuals choose rubies as a financial investment rock.

Rubies make a wonderful financial investment but see to it that you buy prudently. Not all rubies are equal and you will certainly have to take into consideration the treatments (if any), high quality, colour and also origin of the rock as these can drastically influence the worth of the ruby.


Rubies are much rarer than sapphires and diamonds. A great top notch ruby is really uncommon to find while also being expensive. The best high quality rubies are found in Kenya and Burma while having what is recognized in this industry as the pigeon blood red shade. Because of the rarity of fine rubies, the majority of rubies on the market are heat treated to get a desirable shade. While this is a typical industry method, suppliers ought to reveal to you whether the rock has been treated. An untreated natural ruby is obviously more valuable than a dealt with rock.