What Gemstone Suits Best For Your Rose Gold Ring?

Have a rose gold ring or band that needs a gemstone to look complete and you don’t know which gemstone to choose for it? Thankfully, rose gold metal goes perfectly for a lot of gemstones, not to mention the metal itself is most definitely ideal for any skin tone out there on earth.

So just to make it easy for all of us rose gold lovers, here is a list composed of all the best looking gemstones that are perfect for the pink-ish metal we all know and love.


It has the stunning ability to change its colour with the light, from bluish-green throughout the day to differing tones of purple-red under incandescent light. Its sparkling tones match the warmth of the rose gold in the most elegant and majestic way.

Blue Topaz

Even if the warmer toned gemstones are the most preferred for pairing with the very warm rose gold band, it’s important that you don’t ignore blue topaz, which supplies a dazzling stone-band contrast.

Fire Opal

Its intense colour and cosy radiance suit well with the warmth of the rose gold, while still preserving its great colours as the supreme head-turner.


As February’s birthstone, it’s symbolic for boosting the mind and relaxing the emotions. Its purple tones coupled with rose gold’s warm pink create a wayward mix.

White Diamond

A standard rock in a non-traditional band will certainly capture eyes, especially when they see exactly how the rose gold highlights the diamond’s radiance in a refreshingly brand-new way. As April’s birthstone, the diamond’s classic symbolism tackles an entire new and original look against more modern rose gold. The new and the old blend to create something absolutely authentic.


This intense and strong stone is softened with the womanly rose gold. The Queen of the Stones gets a new look with this modern band to represent both the deep red of love in addition to the airy and light pink of innocent affection.

Argyle Pink Diamond

These stones show the rose gold band’s feminine rose-pink attributes and qualities, along with their own attributes of highly classy gold undertones.

Red Garnet

This gives the two a romantic combination, given that the deep red of the red garnet completely compliments the attractive pink of the rose gold.

Rose Quartz

Since it is already on its own variety of strong or light pink, pairing it with rose gold which has its own shiny and unique brand of pink is the picture perfect combination.

Rhodolite Garnet

It becomes trendy if the traditional rhodolite garnet gets paired with the modern rose gold. It creates a picture of the old smashing in with the new, making the old look incredibly trendy.


Citrine is already a gold-ish type of yellow itself. Matching it with a rose gold band gives off an elegant look when both of them have this pretty shine of gold between the both of them.