The Most Expensive Gemstones In The World

Curious as well? I don’t blame you. I mean, I wouldn’t personally go out of my way to buy any of these, all I am is curious. I’m also wondering what kind of people would go ahead and buy some of these. Maybe they’re the really rich folks who don’t care how much they’re spending? The rich and fabulous ones that like to be in fashion all the time? The ones who want to be rich-looking at any given hour of the day?

Personally, if I were to own one of these gemstones, I would literally just sell them to the highest bidder. I need money more than I need to look fabulous.

At $35,000 per carat, we have Musgravite


Do you have any idea how rare this one is? There are only about 8 specimens in the world out there, at least in 2005 when it was documented. The first one that was pure and big enough to be cut was discovered back in 1993. That’s over 25 years ago, you would think that they’ve found more than just 8 right now. Unless they increase in number, this beautiful thing is staying at $35k per carat according to financesonline.

At $1.2 million per carat is the Pink Star


Believe it or not, this thing exists. This abomination to the wallet actually exists out there. Two years ago, it actually sold for about $71.2 million in an auction, in all its 59.6-carat glory. That’s right. The pink rock that could save millions of lives from starvation is now in the possession of some people living in Hong Kong. If I had that kind of money, I could be buying houses now. One for each family member and each pet that I inevitably will adopt.

And finally, the most expensive in current times belongs to:

The Blue Diamond (the Oppenheimer Blue) at $3.93 million per carat


That’s per carat. While the Oppenheimer Blue sold for about $57.5 million, lower than when the Pink Star was sold, its value is still bigger because the Oppenheimer Blue was only about 14.62 carats, whereas the Pink Star worth more weighed 59.6 carats. Imagine if you could one of these rare Blue Diamonds, pretty and pure enough to be cut down and weighing for about the same amount as the sold Pink Star did. It would probably cost about $182 million. THAT’S how much it would cost if it even exists.

As much as I like fashion and a little bit of bling here and there, I still won’t be bothered to buy that much. Much less any of these that I listed here. If I ever do have at least of them, I would immediately sell it to the highest bidder and hope to get a couple hundred million or something.